Partnering with ASHE to educate Health Facility Professionals


"It’s no accident that Beyond Competency has been borne out of the observable experiences of Gosselin/Martin Associates bringing working relationships together. Bring a mirror and be prepared to take a good look at yourself, these classes will help you develop your healthcare leadership abilities.”

Clay Ciolek, Manager-Engineering Systems, MultiCare Health System, Tacoma, WA


Gosselin/Martin Associates is pleased to introduce our new Healthcare Soft Skills Education Program, Beyond Competency: Health Facility Leadership Skills Development. We partner with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering on this innovative program.

Beyond Competency is a soft skill development program created specifically for health care facility directors and managers. Soft skills are the cluster of skills related to emotional intelligence, communication, interpersonal skills, people management, and leadership. Without effective soft skills, a director’s success in developing high-performing teams is dubious where communication and collaboration are mandatory.  

Skill Development to Perform Beyond Competency

Facilities leadership faces an array of challenges from an industry in flux, including a greying and retiring workforce. Beyond Competency assists organizations in developing existing leadership for the challenge of now and home-grown leadership for the challenge of the future. 

Clients often ask us before a recruitment begins “Can you find me an engineer who can communicate, I really need one?!”  That request is the genesis of Beyond Competency. Technical expertise is no longer enough. More than ever, the ability to work collaboratively amidst staff and colleagues, projecting expertise and credibility, is integral. 

For 13 years, Gosselin/Martin Associates has carved out a specialized niche as the country’s leading boutique recruiter, providing healthcare facilities management talent for hospitals and systems. As the only recruiter in the country focused solely on healthcare facility management, Gosselin/Martin Associates is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver Beyond Competency

Insight gained from years of hospital-specific work experience and recruiting is infused throughout the program. Classic theories of leadership and development are presented via a facilities-centric prism.

Our Unique Differentiators  

Our deep understanding of the facilities market comes from a combined 25+ years of experience in healthcare engineering and construction. We remain connected to the industry today: 

  • Interacting with facility directors, human resources leadership, and candidates on a daily basis through national recruitments. We know the skills required for success in facilities management because we discuss them with and find them for hospital leadership.
  • Established working relationships with national and regional healthcare engineering society’s, including the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) and the New England Society of Healthcare Engineers (NEHES).
  • Develop and present education programs for ASHE on a national level and NEHES on a local level. 
  • Healthcare facility director recruitment and education is our only business. Unlike other firms who specialize in a variety of disparate areas, we recruit for and educate in only one discipline: Hospital facilities leadership.

Beyond Competency Participants Will Learn Skills and Techniques to ...

  • Develop departments where employees are motivated by organizational success
  • Support collaboration and teamwork 
  • Create relationships where expectations and responsibilities are defined and aligned
  • Effectively handle employee waffles
  • Use praise to motivate 
  • Manage change, the only constant in healthcare 
  • Defuse contentious employee conversations
  • Avoid communication that de-motivates

Benefits of Beyond Competency to Your Organization

Ours is not a cookie-cutter approach to education. Yes, aging infrastructure, the fight for capital dollars, and the Affordable Care Act present universal challenges that all contend with, but each hospital presents unique needs. Beyond Competency is designed to meet those needs:

  • Customize to your organization
  • Adapt to your succession planning: If you don’t have one, we will assist in developing one
  • Ongoing mentoring post-seminar
  • Scalable to accommodate large groups of employees and presented at locations of your choice, where your employee work  
  • Develop existing leadership and home-grow future leadership

Real-world scenarios. Attendee engagement. Interactive discussions. Hand's-on activities. These are the hallmark of Beyond Competency modules. For indepth descriptions, please see

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