Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. He died in 1865. But he is still relevant in 2022.

We were sitting around the office recently and thought, what would happen if Abraham Lincoln sent in his resume for a facilities management job that we were recruiting? That question was the genesis of The Abraham Lincoln Employment Series.

Using Abraham Lincoln’s resume from 1865 as a template, we will apply his resume and the lessons we can garner from it to today’s chaotic employment/resume market. This episode will feature fun Lincoln and resume facts, but most importantly, the information you can use to craft a more compelling resume.

Sure, Lincoln may have lived in the 1800s, but core communication principles, which are really what a resume is, a communication tool, remain relevant today. So sign up for the seminar on June 2 at noon Eastern.

June 2: Dissecting Lincoln’s Resume: What we can learn from it  (Register)

About the Lincoln Employment Series

Lincoln’s resume is the launching point for the series, which we hope you will enjoy. Episodes will be released in June via our website, Zoom, our YouTube channel, and our High Reliability podcast page. So stay tuned, or better yet, subscribe below.

  • June 9: Abe Lincoln, not qualified to run a hospital facility department?
  • June 16: What’s the why? A healthcare education podcast
  • June 23: Making sense of the healthcare facilities market, a live Q&A

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