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What We Do

Gosselin/Martin Associates provides collaborative search consulting, succession planning, and career development services to hospitals, systems, and individuals, in healthcare facilities management. 

We have been nationally recognized for over 16 years and respected by clients for our experience and knowledge of healthcare facilities management. We are connected with a vast network of passive and active facility professionals. We are known for our unique ability to find, evaluate, place, and develop professionals in healthcare facilities management. 

While our roots are firmly established in healthcare facility management search consulting, the last several years have significantly changed healthcare facilities management. As a result, there is a people void and leadership need, and it’s not going away.

The search market, in which we have been a fortunate participant for more than 16 years, has changed.  Frequent facilities management turnover and open positions have created an environment that impacts the patient experience.


  • Trends related to employee longevity are shifting negatively for employers 
  • Management shortages are common 
  • Employee loyalty is fading as retirements are increasing
  • Counter-offers to keep employees in their roles are frequent
  • Candidates are increasingly evaluating the organizations that interview them
  • Vaccine mandates are diminishing staff while offer ghosting increases 

So, Gosselin/Martin Associates is changing, sort of.  

We will still do what we have done for more than 16 years, and 400 searches – recruitment, career development, education – but we are offering NEW programs which expand our scope while adapting to changing markets and workforce demographics. 

How we are changing

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For Hospitals and Systems

The Partnered Search

Search is a collaboratively based, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contractual arrangement. The organization maintains control and cost economy over the recruitment project while accessing Gosselin/Martin’s industry-leading knowledge and resources.

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For Individuals & Engineering Chapters

The Career Hub

An innovation in health facilities recruitment, the Partnered

Programs related to personal career development are lacking for those working in healthcare facilities management. And when there is a program, it is often high-priced and not fully integrated: Individuals are forced to make a la carte selections. Not at the Career Hub. 

With our knowledge and thought leadership in healthcare facilities management, we are uniquely situated to offer an integrated, individualized career development program. Healthcare facilities are what we do all day, every day. 

Career Hub for Individuals

There’s opportunity in healthcare facilities, but navigating career decision-making can be daunting, as can interviewing and negotiating. We are experts in the field with deep knowledge of the entire process. Our integrated approach to career development includes resume assistance, ongoing counseling, and High Reliability education.

Career Hub for Engineering Chapters

Chapters rightly focus on technical education, not personal career development. The Career Hub fills a need that is not met in the industry. Individuals need to optimize their careers, as they do their boilers and their MEP systems.

Gosselin/Martin Associates Core Values


We value productive relationships based on trust, good intention, and a shared vision of success. We believe in the affirmative nature of a handshake.


Healthcare facilities management is rapidly changing. We seek to work with individuals and organizations who are as passionate about the future and opportunities as we are.  


No ulterior motives. We seek to work honestly and productively with those who better the patient environment by creating a comfortable and safe physical environment.