Healthcare Facilities Network


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The “Business” of HCFM

There are many demands on a healthcare facility professional. Their daily to-do lists are lengthy, and their knowledge base needs to be extensive. From budgeting to operations to facility management, we cover it here in the business of healthcare.  

Master Minds

Healthcare facility management’s top practitioners reveal how they handle issues specific to the discipline. Learn from the industry’s best; each episode will focus on a particular topic. 

Filling the Pipeline

Filling the Pipeline was the genesis of the Healthcare Facilities Network: Healthcare facilities management is in dire need of dedicated professionals. This grassroots, collaborative effort will perform outreach to publicize that rewarding careers exist in Healthcare Facilities Management. Let’s work together.

From the Field

Stories from the professionals who power hospitals, systems, and regional healthcare facility management Chapters across the United States are highlighted here.


Patient safety and ensuring a safe environment are a hospital’s top priorities. Facility management personnel play a pivotal role in creating such an environment. Best practices and information from a facility’s management perspective are discussed here. 

Navigating Retirement

Stepping away from a career can be a difficult, life-changing decision. So how do your peers navigate that transition? Here we catch up with those who have stepped away from full-time employment in healthcare facilities management. How do they occupy their time? 


There are five generations of employees in the workforce. What challenges does this present for today’s hospitals, and how do generational workforce differences affect the work environment? Let’s discuss it!

HR Focus

For many facility management professionals, Human Resources can be like the famous Wizard of Oz, existing behind the curtain.  It is a chaotic employee market, so we sit with HR leaders for their insight and advice on the latest trends.  Demystify Human Resources!

Histories Facility Managers

Much can be learned from the past: The good, the bad, and the ugly. So here we look to history for lessons in leadership and management that can be applied today.

Pathways to Healthcare FM Careers

There are many ways to embark on a healthcare facilities management career. Here we speak with past and current professionals to get their insights and discuss their career journeys. In addition, tips, best practices, and career ladders are offered here to assist you on your career journey.

Job Seeking or Hiring?

Are you an individual looking for employment? Are you a hospital looking to hire? Check here.

HCFM Jeopardy!

Coming soon! If you are interested in appearing on this monthly show, let us know, below.