Leaves are changing. Sweatshirts are worn. Pumpkin coffee brews. Cool-weather harkens. Fall is here.

And so too is the Gosselin/Martin Associates Fall Education Series!

Yes, we’re excited to announce our Fall Education Series. Each class will always feature a healthcare facilities prism applied to the topic at hand.

Sponsored by the Career Hub, the Gosselin/Martin Associates Fall Education Series will be a series of three free classes spanning the prism of time from July 1863 to November 2022.

The schedule of classes, broadcast on Zoom, is:

  • September 22: The Facility Director’s Toolbox, updated for 2022 (Register)
  • October 20: Dissecting Lincoln’s Resume (Register)
  • November 17: Communication and Leadership at Gettysburg, with a Facility Management twist (Register)

Join us this Fall! The classes do not build upon each other. Instead, they stand independently, so jump in whenever you have the time.

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