Gosselin/Martin Associates has been in healthcare consulting for more than 14 years. And just as the discipline we specialize in, healthcare facilities management has morphed over the years, so to have we.

Sure our firm’s roots remain firmly established in healthcare consulting and facility management recruitment, as they were 14 years ago when Jack Gosselin established Gosselin Associates. But the last several years have produced a significant change in healthcare facilities management. There is a people void and a leadership need, an acute situation that is worsening: Healthcare management skills are needed now more than ever. 

Our clients need more from us and we are delivering. Over the last two years Gosselin/Martin Associates has rolled out new employee retention programs, including:

  • Department Assessments, which evaluate components of the facilities management function, focusing on human equity; 
  • peopleBUILD, an integrated solution to discover and retain facilities talent;  
  • Beyond Competency, a facilities-based leadership education program featuring healthcare facilities education and examples.

Organizational demands of the facility management professional have evolved. There are now expectations of facility professionals to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to an environment that is welcoming to patients and families. Tasked with managing the most intricate of facilities, technical proficiency is no longer enough, soft skill leadership is needed.

Our programs meet these new demands, uncovering hidden talent and providing management the tools to exceed expectations and develop leaders. Our passion for facilities stems from having worked in facilities for healthcare organizations, it is our differentiator. The environment of today calls for a partner who understands the difference between an arc flash and an arc: We do.

We invite you to explore our new web site and read about our programs that support and grow the healthcare facilities management function while improving healthcare quality and assisting in employee retention strategies, see here https://gosselin-associates.com/.

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