Your email account can get you fired. But if you heed some simple advice you likely won’t lose your old job as you seek a new job. Before the advice, some background from our perspective as healthcare management recruiters. 

In our business of healthcare recruiting, we speak to active and passive job seekers regularly. We may speak with them about healthcare industry trends, their personal goals, or the skills potential employers seek; anything is fair game. At the end of these conversations, candidates may confidentially send us their resume for our review and comment. Unfortunately, confidentiality may have already been unwittingly comprised by the candidate themselves. How?

Because many candidates correspond with us via their work email. This always surprises me. It is especially surprising from professionals who have management accountability over others, or who have an administrative assistant who may have access to their email and calendar. 

Just recently we heard from a candidate who lost a job because their boss caught them using a work email for job search purposes. This candidate is not alone, we have others relate a similar story to us. In an environment where we regularly seek and evaluate healthcare management skills, a job seekers use of work email to find a new job calls into question their judgment.

And so a simple word of advice in this day and age of multiple email addresses: Don’t use your business email to reply to, discuss, send resumes, or set up interviews. Use your personal email.   

While some may attempt to legitimately defend the appropriateness of using work equipment to conduct a job search (not appropriate!), what is undeniable is the main theme from George Orwell’s popular novel 1984 should always be on your mind when using work equipment for job seeking purposes:  Big Brother is watching, and you may not even know it.

More than that, however, as healthcare management recruiters we believe it is an inappropriate purpose and use of your employer’s resources.

Postscript: Now that you have decided not to use your work email for job seeking purposes, prepare for your interview and consider the advice found here

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