The law and HCFM: Minimize your risk

High Reliability, The Healthcare FM Podcast is brought to you by Gosselin/Martin Associates. Our show discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities within the Facilities Management (FM) function. 

Today we welcome David Luce, Director, Building Operations for Regional Enterprises, Inc in Ashland, WI. In his role, David has oversight of 2 hospitals:  Memorial Medical Center in Ashland, WI and Hayward Area Memorial Hospital in Hayward, WI.

David has been a healthcare facility leader for more than 20 years, but today’s conversation doesn’t focus on David’s full-time role. In addition to his healthcare facilities management role, David works as a consultant to a law firm on healthcare facility management cases, adding his knowledge and expertise to the legal case.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Healthcare facilities management and the law (4:00);
  • Where  unseen risk may lie in your facility (11:30);
  • You have been served – changing perceptions on the law, FM, and rugs (26:00);
  • Some memorable cases, and why (35:00);
  • On AEM and the law (40:00).

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