Facilities leadership and Human Resource Departments face an array of ongoing healthcare facility management challenges.

A graying and retiring workforce and the necessity for an expanded set of technical and soft skills are just a few of the issues facing a field in flux. Beyond Competency is Gosselin/Martin Associates answer to today’s management challenges. This soft skill development program is created specifically for healthcare facilities. 

In 2020, Gosselin/Martin Associates will include a no-cost, full-day Beyond Competency Seminar with each recruitment provided to a client organization.

What is the seminar? Two education classes, Level Setting and Management & Communication. These are foundational Beyond Competency programs.

When will the seminar be scheduled? Working together, Gosselin/Martin Associates and our client will schedule the program, minimally 4 months after the recruitment concludes.

How long is the seminar? It is a full day, from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

Who can attend? Ideally, supervisors, managers, directors, and up-comers. Attendees are at the discretion of the client, capped at 25.

Where is the seminar held? At a location of the client’s choosing.

What is the cost? No additional cost is included. Reimbursable expenses apply.

Gosselin/Martin Associates works exclusively in and has been employed in healthcare facilities management. We know that technical skill is not enough for success. Soft skills, or the cluster of skills related to emotional intelligence, communication, interpersonal skills, people management, and leadership are essential to developing high-performing teams. Thus Beyond Competency.

Beyond Competency has been presented several times at the ASHE Annual Conference, with regional ASHE Chapters, and at stand-alone hospitals. To schedule a discussion with us, please call 508-660-1800. We look forward to speaking!

For more information on the program, please see https://gosselin-associates.com/category/education/ or https://gosselin-associates.com/healthcare-consulting-for-employee-retension/.

“It is no accident that Beyond Competency has been borne out of the observable experiences of Gosselin/Martin Associates bringing working relationships together. Bring a mirror and be prepared to take a good look at yourself, these classes will help you develop your healthcare leadership abilities.” Clay Ciolek, Manager-Engineering Systems, MultiCare Health System, Tacoma, WA

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