In the News in 5 for April 2022, get caught up on the healthcare facilities management market in just 5 minutes. Well, maybe a little bit more than 5 minutes! Our three stories will focus on:

  • The Market: We discuss some disturbing employee trends;
  • The Organization: We look at large organizations, and the challenge of work/life balance while working in healthcare;
  • Career Best Practice: Leadership lessons from World War II and B-24 Bomber veteran (and Hollywood legend) Jimmy Stewart via the book “Mission, Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe.”

Watch here and as always, thanks for watching the News in 5!

G/MA Nuggets

1) We have many job opportunities we are recruiting for, including 2 Vice President roles and 3 Director roles.

2) While we are not recruiting for this role, we are forwarding interested candidates directly to the University of Vermont Medical Center for plant operators.

3) Download and listen to our High Reliability podcast, the only show dedicated exclusively to the world of healthcare facilities management.