There were many leadership nuggets that came out of our recent High Reliability podcast with Scott Hemingway, Director Of Security and Parking at Signature Healthcare, in Brockton, Massachusetts. 

My personal favorite leadership nugget was the acronym Scott offered – QTIP: Quit Taking It Personal. It’s probably a phrase that we all could utilize at points in our lives and careers. 

Towards the end of the pod, I asked Scott what his personal leadership lessons were. With a career in the military, the RI State Police, and hospital leadership, Scott has a great deal of leadership experience. Scott said:

Leadership is something I work at because the day I think I know it all is the day I realize I don’t know that much at all. I try to keep that in mind and instill that with others. 

Never forget where you came from. We have all had teachers, supervisors, and bosses that were really good and really bad. (Learning from) both is important to establish your leadership style. You can learn just as much from what not to do, and what that looks and sounds like, as you can from somebody who does it really well, and what that looks like and sounds like.

The second thing, is you need to stay at a level with front-line workers. Meaning, that sometimes if there is an issue they (my employees) will get me and say can you come to talk to this person. When I get there my supervisor may say ‘this is my director’ and I will say no, I am just a colleague of theirs, how can I help you?  

Someone once said to me, If you come into a room and have to tell everybody you are in charge, you really aren’t in charge. 

Finally, carry yourself in a way that exudes leadership. Be professional in appearance and conduct, because people make a judgment in one to three seconds if you are a friend or foe, and can you help them. That is based on how you look and carry (yourself). Engage on a basic level.

When I am done speaking with my team I ask, what did I miss? Tell me, what you are thinking?  Empower them, engage them, and don’t be afraid of mistakes as long as they are not malicious in nature. 

To hear more about leadership nuggets and our discussion with Scott, click here.

Jobs, jobs, jobs – Vice Presidents & Directors sought

Gosselin/Martin Associates is working with Children’s Wisconsin (WI) to fill their Vice President, CHW Campus & Support Service role; Bassett Healthcare Network (NY) to fill their Vice President, Non-Clinical Support Services; Griffin Hospital (CT) and Everett Hospital (MA) to fill their Director of Facilities roles; and MetroHealth (OH) to fill their Director, Planning, Design, and Construction role.

We are also forwarding interested candidates directly to the University of Vermont Medical Center for their open Plant Operator positions. 

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