Presenting the Best of 2023, Episode 2. Here, you will find all kinds of tips, best practices, stories, career advice, and more that can be applied to healthcare facilities management and engineering, as well as all other fields and disciplines. So please sit back and watch our final episodes of 2023. Thanks for watching  @HealthcareFacilitiesNetwork !

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:50 Patient encounters
  • 06:33 A revenue-generating approach to Emergency Management
  • 09:50 Build a relationship with your CFO
  • 14:14 Salaries, infrastructure, deferred maintenance, and ROI
  • 18:32 Career paths, and the Top 5 EC & LS findings
  • 21:17 Facilities management leadership journey
  • 25:16 From the engine room to Facilities & Construction VP