The @HealthcareFacilitiesNetwork presents its Best of 2023, Episode 1.

Here, you will find all kinds of tips, best practices, stories, career advice, and more that can be applied to healthcare facilities management and engineering, as well as all other fields and disciplines. So please sit back and watch our final episodes of 2023, comprised of clips from the episodes we have released over the past year. Thanks for watching!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:04 Filling the Pipeline, make the role attractive
  • 04:14 Filling the Pipeline, how has the facility’s role changed?
  • 06:23 Imagination leads to a distinguished career
  • 07:48 Hospital Compliance, 101
  • 12:30 Generations in healthcare facilities
  • 14:42 Hospital facilities and decarbonization
  • 17:20 Facilities team development and composition
  • 20:51 HCFM Intern review, impressions of the role
  • 22:39 Life is short: Retirement adventures
  • 23:50 View from a Chief HR Officer
  • 25:53 Attract and keep healthcare facilities’ talent
  • 27:26 FM on the Bayou