Gosselin/Martin Associates created the Healthcare Facilities Network to inform and educate, and to increase awareness that the rewarding career of healthcare facility management is open and available to all. The Network is programmed with all in mind: Those working in healthcare facilities, working outside the field, or considering a career in healthcare facilities.

But, we really want the Network to reach those people who may not know this career exists: Students, young and mid-career professionals, and yes, those with mileage already accumulated on their career treads. Boomers are retiring and many others are simply stepping away from a job whose demands are seemingly non-stop. Professionals are needed.

The Pipeline of employees needs refilling. Filling the pipeline is key for the future of hospitals.

But the competition to refill is difficult. At times, healthcare organizations seem unaware that there is immense competition for new employees. That the world has changed in 2023.

Filling the Pipeline, Episode 1, The Hiring Process examines some of the competitive issues in filling the pipeline. We begin with a simple question: Is the hiring process used in healthcare today able to meet the demands of the 2023 labor market?

Our guests for Episode 1 are:

  • CJ Brown, Director of Engineering, Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, RI
  • Steven Call, Ph.D., Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
  • Clay Ciolek, Facilities Manager at Providence Health & Services, Olympia, WA
  • Lamar Davis, Executive Director, Facilities Engineering & Support Services, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Chicago, IL
  • Christine Pirri, SVP, Chief People & Diversity Officer, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown, NY
  • Maryanne Richards, Director, Career and Professional Services, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Nancy Vanasse, Assistant Director, Career & Professional Services, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA

Thanks to all our guests for their time and insights. Watch the full show on YouTube here, and make sure to subscribe to the Network and like the video.

G/MA Nuggets

1) Watch for Episode II of the Filling the Pipeline series, Internship Challenges, at a future date.

2) Interested in participating in the Network or have a show idea? Let us know, email peter@gosselin-associates.com

3) Look for our booth at the ASHE Annual this August. We’d love to see you.