Recently, or really to be more accurate, over the past year or so, we have received an uptick in inquiries from healthcare facility management professionals who are considering leaving the full-time workforce. But they also want to continue working. So they wonder, is there viability in interim facility management work?   

So many have called that I wanted to bring to your attention a podcast we released in January 2021 titled  “So, You Want to Be….an Interim FM Leader.”  

In that podcast, we welcomed Jim Baron, a healthcare facilities management professional with more than 25 years of professional experience. Jim has worked as an Interim Executive/Consultant/Mock Surveyor and Director for hospitals and hospital systems across the country. In addition, he has spent the last seven years or so in interim work. Jim discussed his experiences during the podcast. It may be beneficial to listen to if you consider an interim career route.

An important consideration

As I talk to healthcare facility professionals about the pros and cons of setting out on their own, I remember a challenge that Jim mentioned as being very important. It is one that people may not consider as they consider interim facility management work: Namely, the challenge of marketing your services. 

As a small business owner, I can attest to its importance. Finding time to market your business, among the many other roles you have, can be difficult. As Jim said, and I am paraphrasing, just because you set off on your own, it doesn’t mean your phone will ring for new work. Sure, you may have many contacts, but will they hire you? And after they hire you, can you bring in more business to support yourself?

Other topics discussed include:

  • Falling into the interim director route (2:45);
  • Comparing interim roles to hospital employee roles  (7:00);
  • On managing client expectations as an interim leader (13:00);
  • Limitations and benefits in the interim role (21:00);
  • Something important you need to consider as you embark on your interim career (34:30).

The link to that podcast can be found here. Please give it a listen!


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