As a Director, one of the toughest decisions you may face is whether or not to evacuate a hospital in an emergency situation, like an equipment failure on a warm summer day. John Crouch, Executive Director of Facilities at AdventHealth in Wesley Chapel, FL, faced this exact scenario. In the first episode of The Autonomous Employee, John shares how employee autonomy played a crucial role in creating a positive outcome for the hospital.

Tune in to learn more about John’s leadership journey, including his time in the Marine Corps, and why hesitation can be detrimental to seizing opportunities. Don’t miss out, episode 2 releases next week. In episode 1, please find:

00:00 Introduction
03:06 Dealing with stress
07:06 Letting go, and a lesson about shoulder posture
16:15 The role of the Drill Instructor
23:48 Hesitation kills opportunity
29:10 A Chiller emergency
34:05 Acting with autonomy

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