In this episode of High Reliability, we introduce So, You Want to Be…, our new podcast segment dedicated to exploring the various roles available in healthcare facilities careers.

In today’s first installment, we speak with Robert Hacker, Director of Facilities, Planning, Design, and Construction, Community Memorial Hospital & Ojai Valley Community Hospital, Ventura, CA. Robert will discuss his career path into the director role. Robert also owns a consulting firm, Hacker Innovative Solutions.

This career-based conversation has information that all professionals will find helpful, whether you are a hospital tradesperson, supervisor, manager, director, or vice-president. If you are considering a role in healthcare facilities, this conversation is for you, too. 

In today’s episode of So, You Want to Be a Hospital Facilities Director, we speak to Robert about:

  • A COVID-19 California update;
  • From the military to healthcare (8:00);
  • On a healthcare fact-finding mission (12:30);
  • Dealing with differences in hospital size (17:30);
  • The role of professional societies in career development (25:00);
  • Career advice (31:00).

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