If you have been involved in healthcare facilities the last several years, you have witnessed an evolution in the competencies required for success.  

Technical expertise was once enough to be effective: No longer. Now, the ability to work collaboratively with staff and colleagues, projecting expertise, credibility, and approachability, combined with technical skill, is required for success.  

In partnership with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), Gosselin/Martin Associates developed Beyond Competency: Healthcare Facilities Leadership Education.  

Traditional education programs speak little to daily challenges healthcare facility directors face. Beyond Competency is a facilities-based program based on years of healthcare specific work experience: We worked in, and work with, healthcare facility departments and infuse these experiences in the program. Beyond Competency presents leadership and development with a facilities-centric prism. 

In Beyond Competency you will work through real world examples and engage in interactive discussions to develop your soft skills, or those skills which allow you to better communicate with executives, doctors, nurses, and patients in your organization. If you are a supervisor, manager, or director, the skills covered can help you effectively engage your employees. If you are not yet a manager, this workshop can help prepare you for a management role. 

Please see http://www.ashe.org/education/beyondcompetency/index.shtml or https://gosselin-associates.com/category/education/ for more information. 

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