In this month’s quick-hitting 5 minute look into healthcare facilities management, we go a bit past our target 5-minute length, but we think it is worth it.

  • The Market looks at the potential October employee drain due to vaccine mandates;
  • The Organization looks at Core Values, as articulated by former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Dr. Vince Patton;
  • Career Best Practice talks about the impact of the Thank You note.

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The News in 5

G/MA Nuggets

1) We have recently filled many roles, check out our remaining

open roles

2) Have you listened to the High Reliability podcast? High Reliability is produced monthly by Gosselin/Martin Associates, and it is the only healthcare facilities management-specific podcast in the industry. Topics vary from careers to leadership to infrastructure, but all episodes deal specifically with healthcare facilities management. Listen and subscribe at the link below, thank you!

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