Let this be a warning: If you send us an email talking about the High Reliability podcast, you may end up being a guest on the High Reliability podcast!

This is how it came be that our latest guest, Jason Brown, appeared on the show.

Prior to his current role as Vice President of District Operations at Primetime Healthcare Compliance Services in Dallas, TX, Jason was Director of Facilities Management with Oceans Healthcare, a behavioral health provider. 

Of behavioral health, Jason says, “there are many unexpected challenges when an acute care Director steps into a behavioral health role and vice versa. There are some very powerful takeaways. Imagine trying to evacuate a behavioral health hospital or shelter in place with adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient populations that need to be segregated by age groups and then again by their Covid status. In some cases we dealt with, due to hurricanes, there was a complete loss of power including backup emergency power.” 

We jump into all of this and more, with Jason recounting his journey from the trades into healthcare facilities into behavioral health. Of learning about healthcare opportunities, Jason says… 

“It carried me down this road that I did not even know was there, but it seemed intriguing enough to keep taking steps in that direction. Like any other career, if you are motivated and focused you can advance quickly. Within 3 years (of starting in healthcare facilities) I was a Facility Manager.”

Similar to my earlier podcast guest Jordan Smith (Stepping back to move ahead) Jason took a step back in scope and salary when he entered healthcare. But he quickly moved to a management role and he has quickly advanced his career.  

As Jason says of his path, “What is the old saying, addition by subtraction?”

Listen to our podcast, “It carried me down this road I didn’t know existed,”.

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