The HEALTHCARE FACILITIES NETWORK is a YouTube channel focusing exclusively on the discipline of healthcare facilities management. The Network is a grassroots, collaborative effort initiated by Gosselin/Martin Associates to help promote the unique field of Healthcare Facilities Management (HCFM). In addition, the Network will tell the stories of the discipline.

The Healthcare Facilities Network (HFN) is programmed with all in mind: Those working in healthcare facilities, working outside the field, or considering a career in healthcare facilities. The mission of HFN is to inform and educate, to increase awareness that this rewarding career is open and available to all. An influx of new professionals is needed.

For many years our field has discussed the greying and retirement of current professionals and the lack of new professionals coming in to succeed retirees. We see it in our daily interactions with HCFM professionals. These interactions became the genesis for us to develop the HFN – how can we solve the employee shortage that is here and will continue to be here? How can we Fill the Pipeline with people? 

From filling the pipeline thoughts, the HFN evolved. Healthcare Facilities Management does not have a dedicated Network telling its stories, so we thought, let’s create a Network. Let’s tell the stories of healthcare facilities management to make the field attractive to others. It was our Field of Dreams moment, “if you build it, they will come.” 

So we built it. And we will continue to make it and to add to it. Already we have many shows in concept and development. And we will add to that in the days, months, and years ahead.

HFN Playlists

Once we are fully programmed, and we are not there yet but working towards it, you will see the following playlists on the HEALTHCARE FACILITIES NETWORK YouTube page: 

The “Business” of HCFM

There are many demands on a healthcare facility professional. From budgeting to operations to facility management, we cover it here in the business of healthcare.  

Master Minds

Healthcare facility management’s top practitioners reveal how they handle issues specific to the discipline. Learn from the industry’s best; each episode will focus on a particular topic. 

Filling the Pipeline

The genesis of the Healthcare Facilities Network, this grassroots, collaborative effort will publicize that rewarding careers exist in Healthcare Facilities.

From the Field

Stories from the professionals working in hospitals, systems, and ASHE Chapters across the US. See our recent video with the New England Healthcare Engineers.


Patient safety and ensuring a safe environment are a hospital’s top priorities. Best practices and information from a facility’s management perspective are discussed here. 

Navigating Retirement

Stepping away from a career can be a difficult, life-changing decision. So how do your peers navigate that transition? Catch up with those who have stepped away.  


There are five generations of employees in the workforce. What challenges does this present for today’s hospitals, and how do generational differences impact the work environment?  

HR Focus

For many facility management professionals, Human Resources can be like the famous Wizard of Oz, existing behind the curtain. Here we discuss HR with HR leaders and provide helpful career best practices.

Histories Facility Managers

Much can be learned from the past: The good, the bad, and the ugly. In this playlist, we look to history for lessons in leadership and management that can be applied today.

Pathways to Healthcare FM Careers

There are many ways to embark on a healthcare facilities management career. Here we speak with past and current professionals to get their insights and discuss their career journeys.  

Job Seeking or Hiring?

Are you an individual looking for employment? Are you a hospital looking to hire? Check here.

HCFM Jeopardy!

Coming soon! Let us know if you are interested in appearing on this monthly show. 

One last item and a call to action

We are often asked whether Gosselin/Martin Associates is still providing recruiting services. Yes, we are. 

But the Healthcare Facilities Network is also a critical mission for us. As an industry, we have to broaden the reach and exposure of this vital profession. That chicken scratch photo at the top of this article is taped to our office wall, serving as a daily reminder of the mission of HFN. So please subscribe and like the Network, and pass the link along to others. Help us make this mission a reality. 

And if you would like to contribute content to HFN, we’d love to hear from you. This is a collaborative effort. Thank you for your support. 

Link to the Healthcare Facilities Network on YouTube.

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