As we approach our nation’s 245th birthday, we wish you a happy and healthy Fourth of July holiday weekend!

We care about your healthcare facilities career. And because we are healthcare recruiters and educators who work daily in healthcare facilities management, we want to pass along some career recommendations from the field to you.

Here’s our first recommendation: Take inventory of and develop the tools in your personal, professional toolbox. Healthcare employment is chaotic, and your employment status can rapidly change. Prepare.

Preparation includes honing technical ability, but also what is commonly referred to as soft skill competencies. That is, the ability to speak, listen, communicate, write, and collaborate with others. A trusted and reliable partner, not a silo’d curmudgeon, is necessary for healthcare FM success in 2021.

As you consider your toolbox and what you need, we encourage you to view it through multiple prisms:

  • Your Organization
  • The Job Market
  • Your Career Aspirations

But whether you want to progress to the next level of leadership, or remain in the role in which you currently occupy, most of the employees we speak with as we succession plan suffer from a common issue: They don’t take time, or have time, to think, decompress, and determine what they like, don’t like, or how to take the next career step. Simply, they are too busy to do so.

So that would be our second piece of advice, take quiet time to reflect and think. It may sound corny, but it’s true: You need time to think to map a career.

And if you are sitting around the pool or the ocean contemplating your next healthcare facilities career move this holiday and want to send us your resume for a free review, please do so. We like to say that resume advice is a dime a dozen. Everybody has an opinion, and some of those opinions you will pay to receive. So if you don’t want to pay and work in healthcare facilities management, send it to me at, and we will do it for free.

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