High Reliability, The Healthcare FM Podcast is brought to you by Gosselin/Martin Associates. Our show discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities within the Facilities Management (FM) function.  

Episode 3 of “So, You Want to Be…”
In this episode of High Reliability, we re-introduce So, You Want to Be…, a podcast episode dedicated to exploring the various roles available in healthcare facilities management.

In today’s installment, we speak with Will Sullivan, Vice President, Facilities & Laboratory Operations at Washington Regional Medical Center, Fayetteville, AR. From college into his present role as VP, Will has followed an interesting career path. Topics include:

  • Finding a career path (7:00);
  • Leadership development program at Emory Healthcare (12:00);
  • Using finance for healthcare facilities, and getting comfortable asking for help (20:00);
  • Selling your ability to advance your career (26:00);
  • Staying connected with your teams (38:30);
  • Succeed where you are (42:30).

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