High Reliability, The Healthcare FM Podcast is brought to you by Gosselin/Martin Associates. Our show discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities within the Facilities Management (FM) function.  

In this episode of High Reliability, I am joined by Robert Feldbauer, System Vice President for Facilities, Construction, and Real Estate at UC Health in Cincinnati, OH. Bob’s diverse career has taken him all over the world, from the Philippines to the United Arab Emirates, from Syracuse, NY to Batesville, IN.

Bob’s career began in the Air Force. Upon leaving the Air Force, he transitioned to healthcare facilities management and has since worked at community hospitals and major academic medical centers. Bob brings a broad perspective to healthcare facilities management work, including life abroad while working as a healthcare executive in Qatar and the UAE. In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Transitions from the military to healthcare;
  • Planning and leading campus transformation (13:40);
  • On people, process, systems, and leadership (22:30);
  • Lessons learned from healthcare in the Middle East – local culture, working with multiple cultures, and deciphering intent (31:30);
  • Thoughts on virtual meetings during the age of COVID-19 (44:30);
  • Skills needed to become a VP (48:00).

Request for Assistance

I enjoy taping all of these episodes and cannot thank enough the good people who take the time to join me. In today’s episode, Bob and I speak for a short time about virtual meetings and losing the personal connection that you get from in-person meetings, especially through informal conversation before meetings begin. If you have a best practice that you have employed pre-meeting in the Virtual world to connect with attendees, please let me know at peter@gosselin-associates.com. Thank you!

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