We are pleased to have published the first episode of High Reliability, the Healthcare FM Podcast. High Reliability discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities within the Facilities Management (FM) function and is created and produced by Gosselin/Martin Associates.

With COVID-19 impacting all hospitals across the nation, we asked Scott Aronson, Senior Vice President, Security Risk + Emergency Management at Jensen Hughes, to join us. Scott leads the division for Jensen Hughes. Previously, Scott was Principal, Russell Phillips and Associates, for more than 17 years.

In today’s episode, Scott speaks to the key issues related to hospital surge and off-campus sites. He also discusses the most important planning considerations for hospitals, and the top two things non-surged facilities should be doing NOW.

We hope you enjoy and would love to hear your ideas for future podcasts, so please let me know. Send an email to peter@gosselin-associates.com


Stay tuned for future High-Reliability Podcasts from Gosselin/Martin Associates.

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