In this episode of High Reliability, Jared Shapiro, System Senior Director, Environmental Health & Safety at Montefiore Health System, discusses his experience dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic from the viruses’ United States epicenter in the Bronx, and at Montefiore satellite locations across New York, including the very first outbreak in New Rochelle. Listen to Jared’s description from the early stages of the virus to today’s present state. 

As of May 9, the Montefiore Health System had successfully treated and released more than 5,000 COVID-19 patients. 

In today’s episode, we cover the following areas with Jared, and more:

  • Present update from Montefiore;
  • Pace of work at Montefiore, staff education and response ramps up (6:30);
  • Business as usual did not apply (14:00);
  • Converting a conference center to patient care (17:20);
  • The ramp-up (22:00);
  • Healthcare Futures (27:00)

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