During the course of his Hall of Fame coaching career, NFL great Bill Parcells was known for his brilliance, his honesty, his passion, his grit. This child of New Jersey had a distinctive style all to his own.

He was also known as a job hopper. After an 8 year stint with the New York Giants ended in 1990, Parcells was affiliated with 4 different NFL franchises for an average of roughly four years. Each offseason, media rumors of his wanderlust for the next big NFL opportunity appeared.

Recently Parcells was an ESPN radio guest with Colin Cowherd, who has since left ESPN on a wave of controversy for Fox Sports. Parcells, while speaking about career changes offered a line that broke through my multi-tasking: 

“Sometimes it’s the same problems when you go to a different place, but they have a disguise on them,” said Parcells. 

As always with Parcells, interesting phraseology. And correct. Often we think a jump to the next big opportunity will be for our betterment. And most times it is. But before you jump, consider the disguises that may await behind a patient head wall, an MEP distribution system, or the C-Suite. They are there.

Good luck. Contact us if we can help.

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