If you want to explore healthcare careers in the Environment of Care or Life Safety, you have come to the right place!

In this episode of High Reliability, we re-introduce So, You Want to Be…, a podcast episode dedicated to exploring the various roles available in healthcare facilities management. So, we welcome Patrick Rhinehart, the System Director of Environment of Care & Life Safety at Northside Hospital in Georgia. The Northside System spans 25 counties with five acute-care hospitals, more than 580 outpatient facilities, 4,100 providers, and 25,500 employees.

We cover topics from time management to firefighting to teaching and mentoring. As a civil servant who began his career as a firefighter, Patrick says firefighting provided him a relevant bridge to shift careers from civil service to the private sector in hospital safety.

Patrick notes that to be an effective leader in a role that includes oversight of 5 hospitals and 583 offsite locations spread across eight counties, you need to be an effective time manager.

Prioritizing job function and accountability is essential, as is preparing in advance for meetings, and creating an effective agenda. It is important to know how long it takes to complete tasks, from teaching classes to conducting fire drills by location to driving to and from work. Patrick says he was able to set the department’s framework, so prioritizing his time and his team’s time to better serve the organization was critical. As he says, “with 583 locations, we can’t be there all the time.”

A key attribute? Flexibility.

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Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Gosselin/Martin Associates is working with Children’s Wisconsin in Milwaukee to fill their Vice President, CHW Campus & Support Service role; Griffin Hospital in Connecticut to fill their Director of Facilities role; and Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. See all jobs here.

We anticipate several new jobs to roll out within the next week or so on our site, including another Vice President opportunity. So please check back in for the latest.