The Healthcare Facilities Network kicks off the week from the ASHE Annual 2023 conference in San Antonio. In this episode we discuss a question that we were asked by attendees of the conference: Is Gosselin/Martin Associates still in the business of healthcare facilities management recruiting?

It is a fair question. We answer it by providing some recent candidate and organizational stories that are indicative of today’s market, as well as the importance of relationships in achieving success in candidate recruitment and retention.

A mea culpa, if you will. The video from 1:37, where a question is asked, to 1:48, where an answer is given, seems not to make sense. If you watch and if you are still confused, the answer is yes, we are involved in healthcare facilities management recruiting. A strange way to say yes, but yes it is!

Read more about our recruiting philosophy here.

And if you were not in San Antonio for the Annual, we overlay the sights and sounds of the city over our discussion.