Have you ever been in a building, say a hospital, manufacturing plant, or chain store, and seen that company’s core values prominently displayed in a visible location? 

I have. I bet you have, too. And I will also bet you have worked for companies that promote their core values, some of whom practiced them.  

Who needs core values? Not Gosselin/Martin Associates, or so I thought. 

Changing attitudes

I have never given core values much consideration, in the past, or now, in the context of Gosselin/Martin Associates. We do what we do, and we like to think we do it well and with integrity, and we have done so since Jack founded the firm 17 years ago. We create strong relationships when afforded the opportunity.

Then, I attended the New England Healthcare Engineer Society Fall 2021 Conference in Newport, RI. Dr. Vince Patton, Eighth Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard from May 1998 until he retired from more than 30 years of active service in November 2002, gave the Keynote presentation. His presentation was called Core Values: The Root of Success.

And, as effective Keynote address can do, it changed attitudes. Mine specifically. I left Vince’s presentation thinking differently about core values. Traditionally, I made automatic assumptions that core values were insincere, a marketing exercise only. My cynicism colored my perception. 

But Vince’s sincere and thoughtful presentation about his core values and how they were intertwined in his career and life caused me to step back. I re-assessed my traditional cynicism and nonchalance about core values.   

Soon after, the brainstorming began: What are Gosselin/Martin Associates’ core values? The question is important as we prepare to introduce two new initiatives, the Career Hub and the Partnered Search. 

Consultant as commodity

In this day and age, I know and understand that our consultant services are viewed as commodities. I know the financial pinch of Covid has impacted many. I worked in healthcare. I worked with consultants. As a consultant, it’s easy to get caught up in the race to get more business.

But Vince’s presentation turned on a light for me, especially given the new programs we are developing. Why should people trust us with one of their most prized possessions outside of their family: Their career and their positions? Why are we different?

So I began to think and to jot down words on a blank piece of paper. I have been doing this for a couple of months now. I determined early in the process that I preferred three core values to represent us. I have seen companies with 7, 5, or 3. Vince had three. I thought, three feels right. 

I wrote down words that I felt captured us and kept coming back to several. Five words, to be exact. Each word took on singular importance. They had to reflect that this is who we are; this is what we believe. So we asked, does this word reflect our values and beliefs? 

We cut five words to three. 

Gosselin/Martin Associates Core Values


We value productive relationships based on trust, good intention, and a shared vision of success. We believe in the affirmative nature of a handshake. 


Healthcare facilities management is rapidly changing. We seek to work with individuals and organizations who are as passionate about the future and opportunities as we are.  


No ulterior motives. We seek to work honestly and productively with those who better the patient environment by creating a comfortable and safe physical environment. 

Core value creation was a thought-provoking exercise. I say with conviction that this is who we are. We seek to work with organizations and people who share our Values. 

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