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I would like to hire Gosselin/Martin Associates to attract the best facilities director candidates as possible for Kent. Gosselin Associates is the only national search firm with a distinct and specific focus on healthcare facilities management roles. They bring an understanding of the profession that can bring strong value to all of us at Kent and CNE. Expediting this search and selection is a priority and getting the right person in the role is extremely important. Gosselin Associates already knows the candidate network in place, which will assist in moving the process along quickly and with a targeted focus.  Dave Duncan

“That was a wonderful presentation you made and gave me some fresh perspectives on the facility management world.” Don Doherty, HESNI Office Administrator

Healthcare is unique. Bring a mirror and be prepared to take a good look at yourself. It will help you be on your way in the development of Healthcare Leadership.” Clay Ciolek, Facilites Manager, Providence Health & Services, Olympia, WA

Thank you for your steady support and diligence in identifying great candidates.  The care you took in vetting candidates and the industry expertise you brought to the search were incredibly valuable.  It has a been a pleasure to work with you and Jack, and I am grateful for your partnership every step of the way. This was my first experience working with a search firm for a director level position, and I am fortunate to have worked with Gosselin/Martin Associates. Cathleen Sullivan, Talent Acquisition Partner, UVM

“Health care is unique. Bring a mirror and be prepared to take a good look at yourself. It will help you be on your way in the development of Healthcare Leadership.” Clay Ciolek-Manager-EngineeringSystems, MultiCare Health System, Tacoma, WA

“Thank you for the Beyond Competency class. I have gained take-aways and will be sure to pass the information provided to members of our staff. You make a great team with personnel insight, positive approach, and a willingness to share and listen.” Kevin Maurer-Head, Facility Department, Naval Health Clinic, Hawaii

“The class was a great foundation of what I look for in candidates whenever we are hiring for positions at the Medical Center. I believe this type of program is long overdue in our facilities world. I hope to send a few of our Managers in future programs.” Walter Poteat-Assistant Director of Facilities, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

Thank you for the knowledge you shared at the program. I picked up information that I will be able to use back on the job that will make me a more effective manager- Mary Lynn Hayes- CHFM, Manager, Facility Services, Allied Services Integrated Health System, Scranton, PA

Beyond Competency allows attendants to share their experiences and lessons-learned through open dialogues and interactive group exercises. This class can be beneficial for newly promoted to seasoned managers.- CHRISTOPHER MCKENNEY Engineering Research Technician II, System Information & Research Division, Arkansas Transportation Department

“I want to express my gratitude that you are very familiar with the Facility Management role and could speak to the intricacies of the position. Too often I receive calls of inquiry from recruiters that are only familiar with “what’s on the paper” in front of them and have no background into the subject matter of the position. I was surprised. Gosselin/Martin Associates is definitely above the normal representative for their clients.”  Recruiting Client