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Partnered Search

The Gosselin/Martin Associates Partnered Search is an innovation in health facilities recruitment. It is a collaboratively based, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contractual arrangement. The organization maintains control and cost economy over the recruitment project while accessing Gosselin/Martin’s industry-leading knowledge and resources.

Career Hub

The Career Hub provides personalized assistance, insight, education, and guidance to those looking to advance their career in HFM. Whether you are just getting started, looking for a change, stuck at a career crossroads, or approaching retirement, the Career Hub was created for you.

Helping you build a strategic healthcare facilities career.

High Reliability Education

It is specifically for healthcare facility directors and managers. Soft skills are the cluster of skills related to emotional intelligence, communication, interpersonal skills, people management, and leadership. Above all, without effective soft skills, a director’s success in developing high-performing teams is unclear. As a result, communication and collaboration are mandatory.