Nationwide Resume Review Service

We offer resume review, evaluation, and assistance services to healthcare management professionals nationwide. Before you contact us for help building your resume, we encourage you to run through our resume checklist below.

Resume Checklist

We review hundreds of resumes and discuss them with healthcare managers on a daily basis. Based on years of experience, we offer the Resume Checklist for your use. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to highlight common issues we see with candidate resumes:


Tell your story. The organization is hiring you the person, not you the paper. Your resume should solicit interest in you as a person and a professional, backed by real competencies and experiences. Avoid canned language.


Keep it simple. Use a simple format with ample white space. Avoid pictures, multiple fonts, and sidebars (magazine style). Use 12-point font for readability, such as Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman.


Identify and quantify accomplishments. Articulate notable outcomes at the highest level in your job description. Stating you have successfully completed 4 TJC Surveys goes without saying, but highlighting a redesign of staff and trade mix to implement a zone maintenance strategy is noteworthy. Work backward to quantify accomplishments by asking, If I had not done X, what could have happened? Avoid job description regurgitation.  


Include keywords. Target your resume by including keywords. Identify these words by examining organizations’ websites and LinkedIn profiles that share your targeted job title. Mention specific skill sets, competencies, and certifications.


Write a professional profile. Rather than a subjective statement, open with a professional profile that tells the organization the value you’ll provide. Convey your experience in terms of the company’s needs and values. Short in length with punchy verb-based language, avoid subjective personal observations like dedicated, strong leader and stick with measurable attributes. You have unique experience, illustrate it quantitatively, absent philosophical language. Most managers will spend less than 25 seconds on your resume, so grab them here.


Focus on relevant material. A resume should tell an employer what they want to know, not what you want to tell them. Eliminate details that don’t focus on skills the employer seeks.


Stay diligent on the personal. Education should include the degree awarded and concentration, but no specific dates. Don’t misrepresent yourself with incomplete degrees, but do include licenses, certifications, registrations, and Military Rank. Omit personal interests; many take part in diverse activities, but most will not help you get the job and may disqualify you. Use a professional email address, not one based on your interest in cars or college nickname. Job experience should not go back more than 20 years.


Prepare for your interview, practice answering these behaviorally-based interview questions in advance of your interview.

  1. What strategies or methods do you use to measure outcomes and how do you measure success?
  2. The Facilities Management discipline requires close collaboration with other departments. How do you develop and maintain relationships with others?
  3. Facilities Management positions require technical knowledge, how do you stay current?
  4. Give an example of how you applied your technical knowledge in a practical way
  5. How would you handle a situation where you find out that a facility is out of compliance? How would you deal with interested parties?
  6. What is your approach to problem-solving?
  7. Give an example of a project you have managed that has a tight budget and difficult time frames while multi-tasking with all of your other priorities; how do you manage?
  8. What is your experience interacting with senior management?
  9. Describe your management style and give an example of your management approach in action.
  10. What is your experience managing others?

What our Clients Say

We deliver the expertise, the network, and the difference to find the right match and avoid a costly bad hire.

We were seeking a high level executive leader who could develop strategies for our newly configured regional hospital system. Lots of change and plenty of challenges beyond the traditional engineering operations position. Gosselin/Martin Associates was diligent in their search for an individual who not only provided this vision, but aligned well with our established culture and corporate philosophy.

Bimal Patel
Regional VP of Operations,Hartford Hospital Healthcare, Hartford, CT
Gosselin/Martin Associates is the only national search firm with a distinct and specific focus on healthcare facilities management roles. They bring an understanding of the profession that can bring strong value to all of us. Expediting this search and selection is a priority and getting the right person in the role is extremely important. Gosselin/Martin Associates already knows the candidate network in place, which will assist in moving the process along quickly and with a targeted focus.
David Duncan
System Vice President of Facilities & Support, Service Care, New England
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