Facility Department Assessments

Gosselin/Martin Associates provides department assessments for the nation’s largest hospitals and medical centers. Our assessment evaluates select components of the facilities management function We focus on human equity.

We use national survey data, healthcare best practices, data from past assessments, and industry knowledge based on years of experience to evaluate your department structure. During our first conversation we’ll hold a Working Session to discuss your goals, opportunities to grow, and the issues you have identified. Our conversations and reports are informed by more than 25 years of direct experience in healthcare facilities and the knowledge we accrue in speaking with hospitals, organizations, and candidates on a daily basis. Furthermore, we will conduct an employment assessment survey to gain their perspectives on the state of the organization, pending organizational approval.

Following our in-depth assessment, we will provide an evaluation of your current operational performance and structure and deliver an assessment report that affirms or recommends a roadmap for the facilities function. Assessments include the following elements:

Department Organization

  • Definition of mission and goals
  • Scope of services
  • Reporting structure

Facility Operations

  • Preventative and predictive maintenance programs
  • Work order processing
  • Performance improvement

Project Management

  • Program development
  • Scheduling and oversight
  • Roles and responsibilities of internal and A/E/C staff

Staff Development

  • Trade and skills set evaluation
  • Management development and leadership
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Departmental productivity and image

Gosselin/Martin Associates is here to make sure your healthcare facilities management is on track and stays on track. We do everything from foundational sessions to in-depth and rebuilding sessions. Give us a call or email us today to talk about how Gosselin/Martin Associates can help you and your health care facility today!