Gosselin/Martin Associates (G/MA) specializes in healthcare facilities management; it is the only discipline in which we work. We work with hospitals and systems across the United States to perform management-level recruitments in healthcare facilities management; healthcare planning, design, and construction; and healthcare compliance. G/MA is active in all healthcare facility competencies.

Gosselin/Martin Associates has been in the search business on a national basis for 15 years. We have a robust and established network of active and passive contacts, and our candidates know us and trust us. We know the career goals of candidates, and we know where they are located. Our industry reach is deep.

Gosselin/Martin Associates understands the healthcare sector better than any other search firm because healthcare facilities are our sole focus. We treat each client and candidate with respect and dignity to build productive relationships. We intimately understand the challenges hospitals and facility management professionals face. Specifically:  


          1) Firm partners Peter Martin and Jack Gosselin worked in healthcare facilities management before moving to the search environment. Their passion for their work stems from having worked in healthcare facilities; they understand the role and appreciate its impact on the care environment.


          2) G/MA is active nationally with the American Society of Healthcare Engineering and regional engineering societies, including the New England Healthcare Engineering Society. G/MA has delivered healthcare facility education programs nationwide, including at the ASHE Annual Conference, the Northern Ohio Engineering Society, the Healthcare Engineers Society of Northern Illinois, the Idaho Society of Healthcare Engineers, and the North Carolina Healthcare Engineering Society. G/MA has been published in national trade organizations. 


          3) Healthcare facilities are our sole focus. We don’t spend a day working on a college campus and then the next day working on a hospital campus. We work in healthcare facilities every day, without exception. We are a boutique firm that values our relationships and our strong industry reputation for understanding healthcare facilities and their trends.

Gosselin/Martin Associates completes a site visit with clients before beginning all projects. We meet with facility department leadership and trusted facility employees who are forward-

facing with patients.  We meet with facility customers from other departments, such as Environmental Services, Nursing, Compliance, and Planning, Design, and Construction. These meetings allow us to formulate an organizational understanding that we provide to prospective candidates. We are continually evaluating fit. 


Meetings with Human Resources are critical to understanding the overall organization, its challenges, and opportunities. We tour the hospital with facilities leadership to view the visible and not-so-visible spaces, and to gain a sense of how employees interact with patients and their families, and hospital visitors.


Our visits typically begin early in the day, around 7 am, and conclude late in the afternoon with our review of the findings. Perspectives gained from our interactions with hospitals from across the country are brought to each search.  If a site visit is not possible, a conference call is requested.

Peter Martin and Jack Gosselin are involved in all projects, and each is available to client leadership at all times.

With an active and established network of thousands of pre-qualified healthcare facility management candidates already in place, most G/MA searches are completed in 3 to 4 months. Duration is also dependent on the speed at which an organization can move, but G/MA can operate as quickly as our client would like us to. Typically, within 3 weeks of distributing the Position Profile to our network, the first round of candidates will be submitted for review. Each search is a priority for us because it is a priority for our clients. 

Yes, there is a 12-month guarantee.

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We deliver the expertise, the network, and the difference to find the right match and avoid a costly bad hire.

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