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The Millennial Impact

managing multigenerationSeveral weeks ago Jack and I presented educational modules from our management development program, “Beyond Bricks, Mortars, and Mechanicals,” at The American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) headquarters in Chicago. 

It was a great opportunity to share the program and stay connected with Directors in the field who are on the front lines of healthcare. Over the course of our multi-day seminar several lively discussions ensued, including one centered on managing a multi-generational workforce. 

Millennials, or those born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s, garnered the majority of our verbal attention. Riding a wave of technology advancement and change, they are churning the workplace environment. Even NFL franchises, like the New England Patriots, New York Giants, and San Francisco 49er’s are getting into the millennial management game. Reports the Wall Street Journal:

“So the team [49ers] consulted with experts ranging from Stanford University researchers to advertising executives to learn how, exactly,the young brain works. As players arrived for voluntary workouts and minicamps this spring and summer, they noticed sweeping changes designed to cater to howresearchshows  millennials learn. That means making concessions for people with shorter attention spans, a desire to multitask and, yes, a need to check their phones all the time.

Facing this new reality, the 49ers turned the typical meeting, which on some teams can go for as long as two hours, into 30-minute blocks, each followed by 10-minute breaks that allow players to do what young people do. That is, as [head coach] Tomsula puts it, to “go grab your phone, do your multitasking and get your fix” beforereturning the meeting.

“The [experts] are telling me about attention spans and optimal learning,” he said. “I’m thinking, ‘My gosh, we sit in two-hour meetings. You are telling me after 27 minutes no one’s getting anything?’ ”

The bulk of the changes—from enhanced digital playbooks to weekly briefings on social media—have a common theme. Instead of the coaches making millennials change, the coaches are changing to better work with the millennials, even if that means allowing some necessary evils.”

Thought provoking material.

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