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Read this before your next interview

Interview advice is a dime a dozen, everybody has an opinion. In our roles as healthcare facility recruiters and educators we receive lots of interview feedback based on a candidate’s performance. Our Do’s are based on that feedback. 


Do Answer questions fully.  True story from feedback we received regarding a candidate interview. Here’s the brief Q&A:

Interviewer: How can you help our department?                                                     

Candidate: I’ll give you whatever you need.

That answer did not go over well, you can’t be all things to everybody. Answering a question fully means being quantifiable and specific. Whatever you need is never a good answer, which leads to….


Do Know when to stop talking. Experienced interviewers use silence as a weapon, answer the question fully and stop. Be comfortable with silence, practice silence.


Do Maintain eye contact. If this is difficult for you, practice it in your daily life. The people you interact with don’t even have to know that you are practicing eye contact, it does make a difference.  


Do Come prepared to speak to 2 or 3 quantifiable professional accomplishments. Know your accomplishments before you interview and prepare to work them in naturally to a question. Practice aloud at home, there’s a difference between knowing them and speaking them.  


Do Be Prepared to speak to a personal weakness. We all have them. Know one, and be prepared to speak to how you work to counter it.


Do Research the organization. In the age of the Internet, not knowing something about the place you are interviewing is inexcusable. Go to the news section of their web site and review articles or, if you live close to the hospital, visit it in advance and observe.


Do Ditch the phone. In our world, the biggest distraction, by far, is the phone.  Answering it, looking at it during an interview, has cost people jobs during an interview. Turn it off. Put it away. Forget about it.


And now, a Don’t. If your interviewer tells you their hospital is busy and you will be challenged working there, Don’t tell them you think otherwise. Imagine how that sounds to the interviewer! 


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