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For whom the bell tolls, and loyalty

Friday is the cruelest day of the week for job loss. 

Through our experience as healthcare facility director recruiters and educators, we believe Friday is the day employers most frequently deliver news that begins something like  “we’ve decided to let you go.”

Multi-year careers erased in 6 words, often without additional detail. (

But lately, and more so than in years past, the bell is tolling for employers, too. Employees, at least in our corner of the healthcare facilities world, are increasingly leaving their jobs. A  3-year tenure is becoming more common, leaving employers in a lurch as the greying and retiring of healthcare facility directors continues.  

Why are healthcare facility directors apt to leave roles more quickly now than in years past? Pinpointing a sole cause is difficult, but both loyalty and rabbits must be included in the answer.

Loyalty. If employees perceive the organization is not loyal to them, they reciprocate. They have seen co-workers escorted out of the building after years of service and fear they may be next. Rather than wait, they seek to control their employment destiny.

Rabbits. While speaking with a facility pro he described his present employment status as “I have no more rabbits to pull out of my hat (to keep this facility running), I’m tired.”  When directors perceive that they have exhausted resources needed to do their job, they move on. 

So is loyalty an antiquated concept never to return? Perhaps.  

But, and it is a large but, managers and directors continue to have the most control over creating engaged employees ( 

Engage and communicate with your employees to create loyalty and avoid rabbits.


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