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Pillars, acting presidential, and leadership

Seemingly, there is no safe haven from non-stop political coverage. Whether you are a righty or a lefty, you can find your coverage of choice in a multitude of places, always. We are not here to talk politics, but we are here to talk healthcare leadership, and presidential pillars.

How are these words connected and what do they mean in the context of healthcare facilities management? I asked Gary Scott, Director of Facilities, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Dallas, TX, to explain. They are part of his leadership philosophy.


Q: What is your leadership philosophy?

GS: I cast a vision of what facilities can be for Children’s Medical Center Dallas so that my employees understand where we want to go and what we want to be. I communicate with them frequently and keep lines of communication open; if they know the goals and expectations it is easier for them to support those goals and expectations.

Once the “big picture” is laid out and the structure is in place to support the departmental plan, we eat the elephant one bite at time, while providing excellent customer service. We are not trying to fool anybody nor do anything fancy, we are just trying to do our jobs well day in and day out, treating our customers fairly.  


Q: How do you translate that leadership philosophy into an everydayvision?

 GS: I focus on Three Pillars. 

Pillar 1: Joint Commission compliance and readiness, every day. We have a daily focus on Joint Commission Preparedness.

Pillar 2:  Take care of the needs of the clinicians and provide great customer service for all. Make their jobs easier, so they can focus on the patients and families. because their job is really difficult

Pillar 3: Asset Protection (operation and maintenance of equipment): We need to make sure the equipment that serves patient care is operational and ready at all times.  

Our customers want results and when they call us they want a quick response to their needs. It is not our job to argue and debate with them when they request something, but to solve their issue to the best of our ability.  Focusing on these pillars helps that mission.


Q: When we have talked in the past you have mentioned acting presidential, what does that mean to you?  

GS: I tell our staff that their behavior always needs to be unquestionable and respectful towards others, no matter how that person may be behave towards them. Even if they are mad and yelling at you, never retaliate or escalate the situation.  Exhibit maturity and professionalism. Be presidential.

Acting presidential means acting with purpose and common sense so that you are the person people look to when they need a solution.   



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