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Jack Gosselin has been involved in healthcare facilities management for the majority of his working life. He spent 25 years as a Director and has spent the last 12 in recruiting and education. Jack reflects on some of the changes that have impacted the industry.  


Q: How has the business of healthcare facilities management changed since you started the firm 12 years ago? 

JG: The industry has stayed consistent in its mission; it's the approach to supporting this mission that has changed. The physical environment has always been a key component in patient care and this is now validated in a number of ways. Beyond the functional facility, support of technologies, attractive and safe environments, and cost-effective strategies all overlay the historical accountabilities of the health facilities manager.


Q: How have the skills needed for this role evolved over the years? 

JG: An enticement of this profession has been the diversity of the exposure to the many aspects of the job. The depth of knowledge to support these and many additional responsibilities of the role is extremely noteworthy. The ability to think strategically and lead these functions through sound communication, innovation, and professional interaction is key to success. 


Q: How would you advise a candidate to position themselves for an uncertain future?    

JG: Continually assess your role and the outcomes it produces organizationally. Evaluate these results and how well they align with the direction the industry is heading. Real estate management, IT interface, alternative energy, and adding to the patient experience / satisfaction are examples of expanded skills needed for advancement and value in this profession.  



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