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Health care 2018: Director's speak

Daily I speak with interesting professionals who work in this unique field of health care facilities management. As we reach the quarter pole of 2018, common themes emerge from those discussions. Here are six: 


1) Facilities focus on patient experience. Facility departments are most assuredly part of creating a positive experience for patients and their families. Maintaining a clean and inviting environment, communicating with patients and clinical partners, and including facilities in strategy discussions to improve HCAHPS scores are all part of facilities responsibility. 


2) Work order management. Work order management and close-out, and utilizing work order systems to their full potential, continue to impact departments. The volume of requests and the challenge of finding time to get CMMS systems up and running properly remain issues. Time is simply not available for many.


3) Data, metrics, and measurements. The ability to provide customers information relative to their work order requests is essential to providing good customer service. Informing people that for today, hanging your bulletin board is not a priority may not be a popular message to deliver, but it's an important one. Real time reports via dashboards, Stop Light Reports, or formal customer follow up are all methods to enable 2-way communication. 


4) Stability sought.  Professionals accept that change is part of today’s reality, but they seek stable and respectful organizations. “I want to go where I can stay and that is becoming harder to do. I love the challenge and working with my employees, but it’s all about the dollar for my organization. I want an organization that values me,” says one facility professional.  


5) Communication and change. Facility Directors are increasingly challenged to act as a change agent due to consolidation, re-organization, and systemization. Re-enforce employee roles and responsibilities and practice proactive management by walking around and being visible. Communicate, and over-communicate, during times of change.  


6) Mission commitment. Despite the stresses and challenges of their daily duties, the majority of professionals are steadfast in their desire to make a difference in the patient experience. But, and it’s a significant but, some are wearing down and entertaining the thought of finding a more stable professional environment. 




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