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What is peopleBUILD?

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Read on to discover how our peopleBUILD program assists organizations in conquering the employee challenges of today.


Q: What is peopleBUILD?

peopleBUILD is an integrated solution to discover, educate, and retain health facilities talent. The program is unique in healthcare facilities and is 100% facilities focused. Jack and I worked in healthcare facilities and created this program for the specific needs of the facility professional. Five integrated components comprise the 2-year program:

•  Facility Department Assessments

•  Succession Planning

•  Beyond Competency Education programs

•  Recruiting (if needed)

•  365 Support 


Q: Why should I consider a peopleBUILD program?

Healthcare is in rapid and chaotic transition and healthcare facility departments feel the impact. Factors causing facilities chaos include:

Turnover and disengagement: Healthcare turnover is rising, up to 20% in 2016. While turnover rises the number of disengaged employs grows, with upwards of 66% of employees saying they are disengaged at work. 

Restrictive reimbursement: In light of shrinking CMS reimbursement dollars and a disproportionate focus on subjective HCAHPS scores, money is at risk while dollars are more valuable than ever. No longer can facility departments exist in the shadows, they must participate to create and maintain a positive patient experience. 

Boomer retirements: Baby Boomers occupy the majority of leadership positions in healthcare facilities and they are retiring. Few are ready to take Boomers’ place as they leave: 30% of US employers reporting difficulties in filling vacancies. This will be an ongoing challenge for now, and the future.

Employer expectations:  Technical expertise is still demanded, but so to are skills related to communication, people management, and emotional intelligence. Personal attributes that enable effective interaction with hospital staff, colleagues, patients, and families are required. Technical competency without personal touch is no longer enough. 

Opportunity and education keep employees engaged, peopleBUILD is the facilities-focused solution to these challenges.


Q: What problems does peopleBUILD solve?

peopleBUILD saves hospitals thousands of dollars in lost cost related to employee departures and disengagement: 

  • Discovers and identifies employees for present and future facility growth opportunities;
  • Identifies facility department strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, with a focus on human equity and creates actionable plans to address;
  • Engages employees through succession planning and education and creates plans that satisfy organizational/employee goals;
  • Creates bench strength to fill positions internally as they develop;
  • Recruit (if necessary), utilizing the nation’s top database of passive facility management candidates.

Developing, educating, and retaining is more cost effective than a constant state of recruiting and lost money.   


Q: Who is the peopleBUILD audience?

Hospital facility departments in stand-alone hospitals and systems. 


Q: What is Beyond Competency education?

Beyond Competency education is a component of the peopleBUILD program. It is a facilities-based leadership education program and has been delivered multiple times at the ASHE Annual, with regional engineering societies, and for private clients. Beyond Competency is also available as a stand-alone program.


Q: Are you still offering search consulting and recruiting services?

For 12 years Gosselin Associates, and now Gosselin/Martin Associates, has offered the unique distinction of being the nation’s only firm focused distinctly on healthcare facilities management. Search consulting and recruiting remain as our core service.

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