An integrated approach to discover, educate, and retain health facilities talent

GA PeopleBUILD GraphpeopleBUILD is a comprehensive program utilizing a strategic, facilities-based approach to employee growth, development, education, and retention. It is borne out of the changing demands and shifting sands of the health care facility management profession. 

Facility expectations have changed. Technical expertise is still demanded, but so to is soft skill proficiency, or those personal attributes that enable effective interaction with hospital staff, colleagues, patients, and families.

Meanwhile, federal reimbursement guidelines have become more restrictive and demand a higher level of customer service from facility leadership and departments.

As soft skill demands have expanded, so to have employment challenges. Competition to recruit new employees is greater than ever, while existing management retires. An employment gap has been created.

It’s a new world.

peopleBUILD’s guiding vision is to enable organizations to internally grow and retain facility employees while creating a collaborative, communicative facilities environment. Research is consistent, employees who are engaged and challenged are more likely to stay with an organization. Retain employees by engaging and growing them.  

There are 5 integrated components in the peopleBUILD program:

  • Facility Department Assessment
  • Succession Planning
  • Beyond Competency Education
  • Recruiting
  • 365 Support 

Our peopleBUILD commitment to you

  1. Discover and identify employees for present and future facilities growth opportunities.
  2. Identify facility department organizational strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, with a focus on human equity; create actionable plans to address.
  3. Engage employees through succession planning and education, creating customized plans that satisfy organizational and employee goals.
  4. Create bench strength to fill positions internally as they develop.
  5. Recruit (if requested), utilizing the nation’s top database of passive facility management candidates to find clients the best fit, saving time and money.
  6. Form an enduring partnership through creative solutions, ongoing support, and exceptional customer service.

Our passion for health care facilities stems from having worked in health care facilities. It is our differentiator. We are a national firm that has worked with the largest health care organizations in the country. At our root, we know the challenges because we faced the challenges.



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